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Nick Brown (PhD), 
Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research
More to come

For the marine aquaculture business, there are few materials that can match high density polyethylene. It is nontoxic, food grade, waterproof, non corroding and strong. There are very few suppliers however that can provide custom solutions in HDPE. Sullivan Plastics does this superbly well. They can build anything out of HDPE. For the University of Maine’s Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research, having Tom St Clair and Sullivan Plastics 5 miles down the road is incredibly valuable. He has completed numerous custom jobs for us including:


  • Six 9,000 gallon Atlantic halibut broodstock tanks

  • Two recirculation system sumps

  • A sea urchin settlement raceway

  • A hatchery header tank

  • An egg incubation header tank

  • A motorized seeding wheel for seeding algae nets

  • A transport tank for moving 100lb Atlantic halibut


Sullivan Plastics does quality work, well finished, with rugged construction specifications. Working with Tom is a pleasure. He always manages to come up with the right solution to a problem and if sometimes doesn't work the first time, he will try another angle until he gets it right. There has never been a time he has told me it can’t be done.




More to come

More to come.

More to come

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