RV/Boat tanks

With Sullivan Plastic Products custom built tanks you can expect your purchase to be the most durable hand made tank on the market, we strive to build you the best tank possible from 1/2 HDPE (High density polyethylene)(unless requested otherwise). When you call us at 207-460-2890 you will personally talk with the fabrication specialist who will be building your tank, no middle men, no hassle, straight to the point. Our tanks can be built for any application in any situation to ensure you utilize every inch of space available. With over 15 years experience in the field we will fabricate, build, and outfit your tank for even the most precise and unique applications . 


I recently purchased a used vessel which was refit in various ways.  In particular I wished to install an odd shaped custom holding tank to maximize size and preserve space. I built and test fit a mockup and contacted Sullivan Plastic Products (I figured Maine is still fine place to find rugged boat things). I was most extraordinarily pleased with the results. In particular I received friendly and experienced advice regarding the best selection of fittings, sturdy pickup tube assemblies, and cleanout ports. In addition, the tank was to be fully welded and sturdy enough so it did not require foaming in place or additional supports to ensure structural integrity, which is the case in many tanks made by other suppliers (foaming in place is a practice which can make removal, cleaning, and access problematic).


The tank arrived promptly, made carefully to fit within my critical limiting dimensions, and so rugged I jokingly suggested that Godzilla could play with it. In a world where fine rugged craftsmanship seems sometimes lost in a world of cheap manufacture, Sullivan Tank stands out as emblematic of all of the good things that we remember (that good old down home cooking feeling).  A holdover to a day when people paid personal attention to assuring that each item was suitable for its intended purpose, and rugged enough to last a lifetime.


As a licensed Captain and lifelong mariner, this is the kind of durability and workmanship on which the seafarer, or any other demanding craftsmen depends.


In my refit of SYRENA to get back to sea, Sullivan Plastics stands out as one of the very best experiences along the way.

Captain Mark Coady

All RV/Boat tanks are custom built and priced on order due to the wide variety of sizes and application purposes, we can best assess your project needs via Phone. Give us a call at 207-460-2890 or Email us the dimensions at info@sullivanplastic.com