Our modern CNC plastic fabricating and machining equipment ensures production of the most accurate close-tolerance parts 




Give us your toughest fabrication challenge, and we'll work through it with you! Together we can be a team for innovation


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Whether you need it water proof or water tight, flexible or rugged, we are eager to work with you! We have the experience to use our tools and materials to innovate with you to bring your idea to the next level! Contact us with a simple sketch or question and Sullivan Plastic Products can help you come up with something professional to optimize and build your business.

Our customers come to us saying...

“I need a custom product that will fit the existing fixtures that I already have.”


We can make sure that the piece we create for you aligns to match your existing system. For example: You are refurbishing an O’Day sailboat and you need to replace the water holding tank of that vessel. We can create a tank to fit into the exact space of the old tank, and has fixtures that work with the existing system of pipe work.



“My custom product needs to last a long time!”

We only use materials that are appropriate to the function you need. Our plastics can last a lot longer than other materials because they will never rust or rot.


“I need my custom product to be able to hold liquids.”

The very nature of our materials allows us to create tanks that are suitable for an array of different liquids, even highly corrosive acids. The seams of the material are extrusion welded together and are strong enough to hold a large volume of liquid.


“I need something that is one of a kind, but cannot find it on the market.”


We are custom, and we create built for you products! We have a shop full of tools and the experience and innovation to help you create whatever it is that only you need. We have equipment such as a CNC that can make the most precise and specific pieces join to one another flawlessly.



“My custom product needs use several different materials”

Lots of our projects require us to use many different plastics and other materials besides just High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). We use Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Polyproplyne. Depending on the project we will use the materials that are most appropriate to the function of the product. 

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“I need my custom product to be smooth I can’t have anything snag on it.”

We are able to create seamless, smooth surfaces even when two or more pieces are wielded together. Imagine running your hand over a perfectly smooth ridge-free joint where you would normally have a rough ridge line. We pay extra attention to even the smallest detail to make sure we build it exactly the way you imagined it