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We know the Maine lobster industry and we know that every fisherman has a unique process to their operation, so we fabricate fishing equipment tailored to each order.
The Bait Blaster is an automated piece of equipment that fills bait bags with fish such as herring. It reduces the amount of time devoted to baiting and prepping and makes dealing with high volumes of bait a breeze.
Our crank up bottom bait box is cable-free! By eliminating cables we have not only reduced the possibility of cable breakage but also made the bait box easy to clean!
This box of innovation was developed to eliminate costly human error that happens when counting lobsters and other crustacean.

A History of Unique Innovation



Sullivan Plastic Products has a reputation of skilled craftsmanship that extends through the region and beyond. We are pleased to have been a part of many exciting projects. Our business grew around servicing the lobster industry where downtime means lost time and money. We respond to short notices, emergencies, and deadlines with quality service, on time and on budget, everytime.



From wind power to aquaculture, 

we work with you to imagine innovation



      Sullivan Plastic Products employs a skilled, experienced staff at our fabrication shop in Sullivan, Maine. To increase efficiency and capability, our shop has been outfitted with modern tools and equipment. We also employ the use of a CNC router table for accurate and precise fabrication.


.                                                                                                                                  If you think that an HDPE plastic material part is obsolete or discontinued check with us first. Sullivan Plastic Products can supply many of your custom HDPE needs


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      We were honored to be asked to the VolturnUS project by the Advanced Structures and Composites Center at the University of Maine. It was an exciting job that required accurate precision and attention to the smallest details. The VolturnUS, a 1/8th scale offshore wind power turbine located off the coast of Castine, Maine, is the first grid connected, off shore turbine in North American waters.

      The University of Maine needed us to create three ballast tanks to brace on the base of the turbine near the surface of the water. These tanks act to stabilize the turbine on the water’s surface in times of large swell or rough waters. The tanks were made of half inch high density polyethylene, and measured 4’ X 4’ X 2’. The University needed the tanks to be within 1/16th inch tolerance along each seam, which, when working with HDPE, it is always difficult to be sure the material doesn’t bow or warp. We used materials that are corrosive-resistant and long-lasting in nature. We have full confidence in the welded seams of the material to hold up against the roughest Atlantic storms. With patience and skill, we were able to finish all three tanks within the 1/16th inch tolerance mandate. The University was ecstatic about our efforts.


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      The Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research, or CCAR, has come to us many times over the years to help fabricate equipment at their rapidly growing facility.  For the marine aquaculture industry, there are few materials that can match high density polyethylene for it is nontoxic, food grade, waterproof, non-corrosive, and strength qualities. Over time we have custom fabricated an array of tanks, pumps, and marine equipment such as:


• Six 9,000 gallon Atlantic Halibut broodstock tanks

• Two recirculation system sumps

• A sea urchin settlement raceway

• A hatchery header tank

• An egg incubation header tank

• A motorized seeding wheel for seeding algae nets

• A transport tank for moving hundred pound Atlantic Halibut


      The CCAR has one of the most extensive facilities available to aquaculture businesses in New England. The company provides state-of-the-art facilities for business incubation and is available to companies looking to diversify, test new ideas, and help those in the startup phase. They work to develop techniques for sustainable aquaculture, including integrated aquaculture techniques and training for staff and students in aquaculture techniques. We are very proud of the work we have been able to do for the Center for Corporative Aquaculture Research. We look forward continuing our relationship in the years to come.



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      Commercial lobster fishing demands long-lasting, rugged products. We have been supplying lobstermen in Downeast, Maine with some of the most durable equipment on the market. We know the lobster industry, and we know that each fisherman’s operation is as unique as they are. We do custom work that is trusted to last in the harsh marine environment. We not only create standard size lobster and bait tanks, but can also tailor them to your dimension, so they may fit perfectly onto the boat. Fishermen choose us because our products will not rust or diminish over time, and it's a great alternative to fiberglass or aluminum. 


• Lobster tanks with and without floating bottoms

• Bait boxes: cable-free, center crank-up 

• Dip tanks: rope, buoy, trap

• Battery boxes

• Band boxes

• Custom ice/refrigerator boxes

• Hauler guards

• Bait Tray-tippers

• Registration number boards

• Custom lockers

• Survival suit storage cases

• Deck seats and lockers

• Shellfish shucking tables


Technology developed at Sullivan Plastic Products:


The Bait Blaster, is a machine we developed to increase efficiency for the messy job of filling bait bags for commercial fishing. The machine eliminates waste by quickly depositing bait cleanly out of its bottom directly into bait bags. 


The Crank-Up Bait Box, was invented for commercial fishing and has the benefit of putting less stress on your back. Fishermen no longer have to reach bait from the very bottom of the bait box like traditional boxes. Instead we employed a cable-free crank handle to move the bait from the bottom of the box to the top for easy access. By eliminating cables, the box is easier to clean and the risk of cable breakage is eliminated. 


LED Automated Counter, allows fishermen to count the number of lobsters dropped into a tank. Double read out keeps track of a single string and the days total. Readout mounts next to helm and electric eye mounts on tanks drop holes. Keeps an accurate count with no more quessing. We are continuously developing and adapting this technology to count a number of other sea creatures that are traditionally counted by hand, such as oysters.




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